UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: September 19, 300 AP.

"Toxic Gas" et al to play at "Rocks & Caves"

Utania's emerging rock group "Toxic Gas" are to play the inaugural international music festival named "Rocks and Caves". The bands management confirm they will play their Utanian number one heavy-metal anthemic songs "Free Me" and "Rock (in the dead of the night)" from their latest CD "Rock" which sold in excess of 150,000 copies!

Their attendance will introduce the hit group to a wider audience, and allow them the opportunity to tour other nations later.

Two other traditional music bands have also been sponsored by the Ministry of Culture to attend the festival, "Utani Kohyohe" (trans. "Utani way of life" a traditional Utani musical group consisting of guitars, pan pipes and traditional drums, and "K'yara" (trans. "guts") another traditional group of musicians who also have seven women who will sing traditional Utani choral pieces.

The event will be held over the weekend of October 13 to 15, and is expected to draw crowds in the tens of thousands. Other international acts due to attend are "Obstrukco", a rock band from Elafites, Westria's hit rock group "Cuff", and Altland's "The Nieumarkthavn Fiscerfolk" and "The Riksfildar Scpitsbuben Scubladkapel".

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