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Release: September 21, 300 AP.

President declares "All or nothing!"

President Hope, who will know in a mere nine days whether he is likely to be continuing in his role, has raised the stakes of this election declaring that he will not be seeking an electoral seat. This effectively means that if he is not appointed caretaker President by the elected parliament, he will have no role in federal politics!

Political pundits were surprised by the move calling it "risky". "There is little guarantee the Conservatives will lead the next Parliament, which means President Hope will be forced to return to being Governor of Lasanne until the Presidential contest next year. It would leave the President out of federal politics and out of directing the country through this important initial phase", said one political commentator.

"What makes the move interesting is that President Hope is effectively saying 'I can not be involved in this nation's governance without being at the helm', which means that if (Democrat leader Louis) Campden is elected President, Hope has no desire to serve under him as Vice President or cabinet minister. I think President Hope is sending a clear message to Campden that he wants to be President or nothing."

Johnston Sheen has been running the state of Lasanne as Deputy Governor since the resignation of Thomas Kemp, who became Prime Minister. Governor Hope would stand down as Governor if elected President next year. Lasanne is not due to face another election until 302.

President Hope would most likely have stood in the federal electorate of Belview, a suburb of Luka, and safe Conservative seat. Instead, Gordon Kennett will win that seat.

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