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Richmond-Utan Krysaror draw fails to close gap on Luka

In a hailed match between the second and fourth-placed teams, Utan Krysaror and Richmond, forty thousand fans saw the two titans clash but score only a goal of the other, realising a drawn match. This puts Luka Central five points, or two wins, ahead of second-place team Utan Krysaror.

The match also yielded three yellow and one red card, as the two teams, desperate for a win, pushed their playing to the limit.

Utan Krysaror

23 J.Kopani

44 Yellow Card - M.Kopana

81 Red Card - K.Ujama
07 A.Tazwin

40 Yellow card - K.Alsworth

62 Yellow Card - R.White

In this round, Luka Central defeated Shecker Diamonds 2-0 in Shecker, even without several players (to the national team for the UOCFA Cup). This leaves them in a somewhat unassailable position of eight wins and one drawn match (to Hamilton, nil-all, last week). There is, however, another thirteen rounds yet to be played, and Utan Krysaror, Charleston and Richmond are still within three wins of the champions. This leaves the Premier League ladder as follows:

TeamWinsDrawnLostGoal Advantage
Luka CentralLuka Central 810+15
Utan KrysarorUtan Krysaror 621+7
CharlestonCharleston 531+7
RichmondRichmond 522+6
IsastonIsaston 342+2
Nystos CentralNystos Central 414+1
LetheringtonLetherington 342-2
HamiltonHamilton 144-4
Vela LukaVela Luka 144-5

BenmoreBenmore 135-8

Ujam LionsUjam Lions 026-8
Shecker DiamondsShecker Diamonds108-11

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