UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: September 20, 300 AP.

Pre-game statement from Utania (UOCFA Cup)

Hello there Utanians and press worldwide! This is George Newton, coach of the Utanian National Football Team, the Crusaders.

Utania is facing Armatirion in the UOCFA Cup, and I am here to tell the Armatirians that we are ready with the best team this country will see! With the local competition now mid-season, the national team are warmed-up ready and firing. We have spared no expense in ensuring their fitness and tactical skill are up to level of international competition, and I am certain they will be more than able to withstand the pressure, for we will be playing a high pressure style of game.

We will be going with a standard 4-3-3 defensive strategy, but with high emphasis on speed and a heavily attacking style of game. As we are new to international competition, we will be focusing on defense first. Our midfielders and forwards will be constantly kept mobile as they traverse the field keeping the ball from scoring an opposition goal. Midfield will play defense when the ball in the defensive, the two outer forwards will slip to midfield, while the forward striker, David Saruta, will stay as far forward as possible without offsiding.

David, who is striker for Luka Football Club, the premier club in Utania, will be accompanied by Arama Setusu on his left, and Jarama Kendol on his right. Billy Dennis is currently experiencing fitness problems, and will only be substituted on upon injury or ten minutes before penalties need to be taken to finish a drawn game.

Our midfield will consist of Captain Gordan West, playing right centre slightly forward; Aaron Tosu playing left midfielder, and Graham Gaddich in the centre. Gaddich has been previously denoted as a right-fielder, but, of course, Graham is a left-footer. Our reserve will be Goran Jackson, a centre and right midfielder. Our captain is a former member of the Guwimithian Imperial Team, and comes with vast experience and determination to see Utania victorious.

Our defence will consist of the Ramali "brothers", the star defenders from the nation's third-placed team, the Richmond Tigers, with Phillip playing right close-defence, and Andrew on the left. They will play close to the defensive, and have instructions to man-up on the best strikers Armatirion has to offer. Michael Aratusu, of the Savaj royal team, will be our sweeper, while Mark Bennett of Utan Krysaror will play first-line-of-defence with our midfielders. Arama Dayama is reserve. Edward Artos, the "Jedi Master", will continue keeping goals from Armatirion's score, with a back-up in Samual Belson of Team Luka.

There is a late addition of three other interchange to add to the aforementioned four: Brian Dumile (MC/R), Jacob Wellsley (D/MC) and John Spije (DC/R).

We will be playing hard, we will be playing a running game, but these boys can handle the pressure and they will go the distance. They know that there is national pride at stake, and every ounce of their sweat will be thrown into this game.

Before almost 100,000 screaming Utanians our boys will play like true champions, soldiers of the soccer field. All I can say is that the world best look out, and that applies doubly for Armatirion, as we'll be looking for a decisive and awe-inspiring win, and we're not quitting until that final bell! GO CRUSADERS!!

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