UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: September 22, 300 AP.

Pre-game statement from Utania (UOCFA Cup)

Hello there Utanians here and abroad, and to you press agents, from George Newton, Coach of the Utanian Crusaders, Utania's recently victorious and primed national football team.

Needless to say, our victories against Armatirion have bolstered spirits within the Utanian team to the highest level, but we know that we have challenges ahead that we must be prepared for, with a steely resolve to concentrate on the ball and focus on the task ahead.

We play Whitlam next, and we are not unaware of the skill of this team. Aside from their 5-0 and 6-0 victories over the EKZ, they also have an internal competition that is one of the best in Vexillium. This does not mean, however, that we will be cowering in the corner for this match: we have trained hard, and have a mental attitude that will strike fear into the Whitlamites.

Our 4-3-3 defensive shall be tempered to a 5-3-2 defensive for this match in Namuria, but there will still be a high-level of attacking play, with the strikers and midfield charging forward when the ball is in our possession. David Satura will play primary striker, with Jarama Kendol as forward-right. David will stay forward while Jarama falls back to the midfield with Graham Gaddich while the ball is in defence.

Graham Gaddich shall hold the midfield, while Gordan West and Aaron Tosu will play right and left midfield. Defence shall consist of five players: Phillip and Andrew Ramali will play defensive centres, right and left respectively; Michael Aratusu will function as sweeper; Arama Dayama will play midfield/defense-left, while Mark Bennett will play midfield/defense-right. Edward Artos will, of course, be our Goalkeeper again.

Manning-up the defensive-midfielders, we shall play hard in tackling the opposition forwards, and aim our skills at moving the ball forward to Gaddich and Kendol, who will move to striker position. Kendol and Satura will play strikers, with Gaddich in support from attacking-midfield.

Our focus is defence, to be sure, but not at the expense of a forward thrust of attack. We may be playing with the world's best, but we are not about to be chicken-feed for them: we have pride, we have determination and we have the goods to make them work hard for anything they think they deserve.

Heads up, Whitlam - It's showdown! GO CRUSADERS!!

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