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Release: September 24, 300 AP.

President asks voters to "please consider"

President Hope's latest plea to voters in Utania is that they should "seriously consider the consequences" of voting for so many small parties on the conservative side of politics. Voters should accept that the government "has heard" their dissatisfaction, but that a vote for smaller parties who have little chance of being elected was a vote for the opposition, President Hope said.

The President makes the statements in a new advertisement that markets his Conservative Party as "the only path to a better future", a restatement of the current Conservative Party advertisements. He is clearly referring to the smaller four parties on the Conservative side of politics that are drawing away votes from the Conservative and Democratic parties: the Burovians, Progressive Party, Liberal Nationalists and Nationalists. The statement will not be an attack on the Cruis-Democrats with whom the Conservative Party is in a clear alliance.

Political gurus are split on the daring move. Some pundits are calling it a risky move, likely to sound to voters like "I'll tell you how to vote", yet others say it is a bold move to make voters think about the electoral system and consider the consequences of their vote.

The Conservative Party has been playing the advertisements just as the latest Kapur-Zeitgeist polls show that they are regaining lost ground, and are marginally likely to lead the coalition government. The advertising saturation of the TV and radio market is making large profits for the advertising and television companies.

Polls open this Wednesday in Utania's inaugural election.

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