UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: September 26, 300 AP.

From the Utanian Electoral Commission

All Citizens of Utania are encouraged to vote in the nation's inaugural federal election this week, and this call goes particularly to citizens living in several overseas nations.

Polling booths will be opened at 9am local time on Wednesday, September 27th (being tomorrow) at any Utanian Embassy or Consulate. You will find displays and voting information available from all of the parties participating in this election, plus newspapers and magazines from Utania providing additional voting party-analysis materials. Electoral Officers will be present to assist you in determining your electorate, and voting papers will be available for every electorate.

Please remember that polls will only be open FOUR DAYS. They will close this Saturday at 6pm local time. If you fail to vote before this time, and have not submitted a postal vote or Vote Transfer papers, your vote will not be counted. We would advise all Utanian citizens to provide themselves with sufficient time to complete their voting obligations.

Note also that although it is an offence under the Voting Regulation Act, 300, for any person or party to prevent an Utanian citizen from voting, including your place of occupation, this law may not apply to companies overseas (though it DOES apply to overseas companies WITHIN Utania), unless accepted by the local government of your resident nation. To this end, Embassy polling booths will be open until 9pm local time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week to provide you with "out-of-hours" opportunity to vote.

If you are still experiencing difficulties in exercising your democratic right due to persons/organisations of your resident nation, please telephone your nearest Utanian Embassy and we shall do our best to provide you with assistance.

Also, please remember, unlike some state elections, you are voting for a registered political party, not an individual, and should provide a single tick or cross in the square provided next to the name of the party you wish to vote for.

Therefore, all citizens of Utania, please note: Polling Booths for residents outside Utania will be available from 9am until 9pm local time this Wednesday to Friday, and 9am to 6pm on Saturday at your nearest Utanian Embassy. Please take this opportunity to vote in the inaugural Utanian federal election.

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