UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: September 29, 300 AP.

Election gains carnival atmosphere

Polling booths around the country are becoming centres of celebration, gaining the atmosphere of carnivals. Flags waving, people shouting for joy as each batch of voters emerges from polling booths, and traditional dancers and singers celebrating the introduction of federal democracy to Utania, the first national elections in Utanian history.

The Utanian Electoral Commission reports that all polling booths are operating very effectively despite the strain of vast numbers of voters arriving in the first two days of voting, and the UNV monitors report no major issues with the voting, so far. It is estimated that over 17 million voters have gone to the polls in the past two days of voting, keen to stamp their vote on the future of the country. Even Utanian Embassies are reporting large numbers of overseas residents lodging their votes, and few issues with citizens being able to lodge votes.

Party scenes have been reaching fever-pitch as the number of celebrants outside polling booths grows. Many in Luka, however, have been migrating to outside the offices of the UNVCOCN mission to Utania where a large number of nationalist and pro-democracy protesters have been gathering, protesting against a UNVCOCN internal memo doubting Utania's ability to sustain Democratic institutions if a hung parliament is elected.

Utania has some 26 million registered voters, and the UEC believes there will be a voting proportion of over 90%. Utania was recently given independence from the former Guwimith Empire on June 1, after a period of UNVCOCN administration. This is the country's first election since independence, and the first democratic election in the Utani people's three thousand year history.

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