UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: September 29, 300 AP.

Zeitgeist Management "arrested"

The Managing Editor and CEO of Zeitgeist Magazine were today "arrested" by members of the Presidential Guardsmen and taken to an undisclosed location for a meeting with Acting-President Hope and members of Utania's National Security ministry.

In a stunning move, the twelve Guardsmen, members of the President's personal protection brigade, marched into the offices of Zeitgeist Magazine and escorted Zeigeist CEO David Wembley and Managing Editor Douglas Rogers from the building. Lasanne state police were on hand to state that the "arrests" were legal in Lasanne state.

It is believed the men were asked to produce and bring with them the alleged Confidential Internal UNVCOCN Memo, which they had to extract from the Zeitgeist company safe.

President Hope later made an announcement on the "arrests". "I have taken the liberty of asking the management of Zeitgeist Magazine to fully explain their actions to myself, and members of the Intelligence and National Security agencies. I am assured that the management of the magazine will have a statement later today or early tomorrow for you all."

Though the managers were allowed to return to the offices of Zeitgeist Magazine, they and the offices are currently under the "protection" of some seventy Presidential Guardsmen, raising the prospect that the memo is not what is reported, and that the magazine may face violent reprisals.

Questions have been raised in the past five days since the article's publication of the alleged memo's authenticity. Officials in Utan Krysaror, on condition of anonymity, have said that the Zartanian ambassador and the General Secretary of the UNV have both questioned the memo's authenticity and the motives of Zeitgeist staff in publishing it.

A picture of the alleged memo was shown in the Zeitgeist edition, however no authenticity proof has yet been provided publicly. The Zeitgeist Magazine edition has sold in excess of one million copies setting a new circulation record for a news weekly in Utania.

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