UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: September 30, 300 AP.

Zeitgeist Management declare "it's all true"!

Zeitgeist Magazine's CEO David Wembley, and Managing Editor Douglas Rogers have told the assembled masses of the media that their article in last week's edition, and the letter from the UNVCOCN office in Luka, were, in fact, 100% truthful and genuine.

David Wembley began proceedings, attended by some 250 journalists from all over Utania and dozens from overseas, by explaining why the magazine had agreed to publish the internal memo, despite the obvious repercussions on the nation and the UNV. He then handed over to Rogers who showed the memo, then displayed it through an overhead projector set-up that allowed more detailed examination. Mr Rogers showed how the memo had the logo of the UNVCOCN "Point South" Mission, and bore the signature of Gordon Davidz, although printed through a laser printer.

"Either this is one of the world's best forgeries, or this is from the Luka office of the UNVCOCN mission, and was authorised by an official of that same office", said Mr Rogers. "Furthermore, the source from whom this memo was obtained is someone employed in that very office, and we have supplied their name to Utanian intelligence authorities at the request of President Hope."

"There can not be any further doubt as to the authenticity of this confidential memo, and it remains now with the Luka UNVCOCN office to prove otherwise."

Zeitgeist Magazine have been under pressure over the past week to prove the authenticity of the memo and of their claims, as protests surrounded the Luka-based UNVCOCN office forcing President Hope to rescue the foreigners within using the Presidential Guard. Those protests turned to violence on Wednesday morning, but have remained peaceful until they largely dissolved on Friday after the occupants were rescued.

There has not yet been official word from the UNVCOCN, but both the UNV General Secretary and the Utanian Ambassador from the Greater Zartanian Empire have objected to the siege outside the Luka offices.

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