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Release: October 2, 300 AP.

Election update - Lasanne state

Lasanne state appears certain to hand over a convincing win to the Conservative Party despite previous polls predicting the Conservatives being savaged by smaller conservative parties, after Monday counting brought the state to a total 72.4% of the vote counted, or over six million counted votes.

The Burovians have strengthened their hold in Charleston electorate, but look likely to lose their seat to the Conservative Party who win a second seat. The Burovians have 61,214 votes against the Conservatives 132,196 votes, the latter being ten thousand votes over double the Burovian vote. The Burovians are the fourth-placed party, but with the Conservatives winning over twice the fourth-placed party's vote, they get a second seat from that electorate, depriving the Burovians.

The Burovians are also fighting for survival in the electorate of G'yumth, in the south of the state. They have 65,860 votes, over the Democrats 63,336 and the Conservatives 128,078 votes. While ahead by 2500 votes over the Democrats, a gain by the Conservatives of two or three thousand votes could see them winning a second seat in the electorate, leaving the Burovians with only two seats in the state: Waitaki, where leader Max Boornal is based, and Aviemore. Boornal has so far collected 94,399 votes in his home electorate of a total five-hundred and ten thousand votes counted, and the Burovians are polling at 10.5% of the state vote, or 663,919 votes of six million.

The third change since Saturday night is the Peoples Party losing a seat to allies the Utani Sædaj Party (USP) in the electorate of Ujam in the west of the state. The USP have leapt ahead of the Democrats with 53,462 votes now, the Democrats with only 50,926 votes, while the Peoples Party are not too far behind with only 49,182.

None of these changes affect the balance of power, likely to remain indecisive for some days. Only three seats remain indecisive in Lasanne state, which has been a convincing but expected win for the conservative coalition.

The Utanian electoral system is proportional voting within forty electorates of between two and five seats.

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