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Release: October 2, 300 AP.

Election Final - Savana state

Barring a few thousand postal votes, the state of Savana's election vote counting is complete, and it shows the voters of this state were the most conscientious about voting with a return of >99% in three of the four electorates!

The final vote is 2,278,910 votes counted, electing 14 MP's to Utan Krysaror. Eight of those will represent the Utani-Sædaj Party (USP), two Peoples Party, two Yannists and one from James Angorit's Progressive Party.

The Navoomi electorate has yielded all three of its MP's for the USP, after votes deferred to the Savaj Emperor and various tribal chiefs were provided to the USP, the party won 318,150 votes of the electorate's 406,636 tallied votes. The three MP's are likely to be tribal chiefs or their representatives, and likely to be far more conservative than their counterparts from Utani B'yan state.

Despite a valiant effort campaigning in the eastern-most Savana electorate of "Savaj", Progressive Party leader, James Angorit, failed to get elected to Parliament. Instead his deputy, Peter Tosu, from Savana Tern electorate will lead the party. In the electorate, Mr Angorit won 86,305 votes, while the Peoples Party won 146,214 votes and the USP won 277,676 votes. The electorate had four seats, but with the USP having about twenty-thousand votes more than triple Angorit's vote, they won three seats in that electorate, and the second-place Peoples Party won one seat.

Mr Angorit's party polled 11.7% of the state vote, or 267,619 votes of 2.3 million. The state's votes tallied as shown below:

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