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Release: October 6, 300 AP.

Election Update: Provisional national figures released

The Utanian Electoral Commission has released what it calls the "Provisional final figures" for the national election, which show that only 2 seats are in any remote doubt, and that the Peoples-Utani Sædaj coalition appears to have won power!

The announcement was made at a news conference today by Utanian Electoral Commission Director Charles West. Mr West announced that the electorates of Hamilton and Gyum'th had seats that remained undecided, but the contesting parties are all conservative ones, making no difference to the PPP-USP victory.

Mr West announced that the provisionally final elected MP numbers were as follows:
Peoples Party 41
Utani-Sædaj 24
Conservative 24
Democrats 11
Progressive Party 9
Liberal Nationalist Party 9
Burovians 6
Cruistian-Democrats 6
Republicans 5
Yannists 2
Democratic Socialists 1, and
undecided 2.

Still, the Peoples and Utani-Sædaj Parties are not yet completely out of the woods, having to agree the principles of government with the Republican and Democratic Socialist Parties. Having only 65 seats between themselves, the Republicans won five seats and the Democratic Socialists won one seat. The Republicans, a leftist union-based party, have always stated they would support the Peoples Party in government, while the Democratic Socialists have been far more aloof, wanting a better deal for their possible votes.

Once the announcement was made, to the assembled media, at the pre-arranged time of 3pm this afternoon, cameras focused on the Peoples Party and USP rooms at the Utan Krysaror Bentleigh Hotel, where George Okarvits thrust his fists in the air at the announcement.

"We have been awarded the privilege from the people of Utania, to lead them forward... forward into a new era in their history, and no other man is more proud than I to accept this challenge and responsibility. I tell the people of Utania now that 'I accept'", announced Peoples Party leader George Okarvits, son and heir of the Paragon who started the Peoples Party in the 270's.

President Hope accepted the defeat graciously, announcing that he had faith in the incoming President to govern for the "betterment of ALL Utanians, including industry and commercial companies". When asked whether this ended his ambitions of one-day leading the country, President Hope, soon-to-be-former President, gave a wry smile and said that there was a Presidential election yet to be fought next year, and voters could fully expect his candidacy. For now, though, he would return to be Conservative Governor of Lasanne.

In the individual seats...

The Burovians have improved their representation with a win in the Luka electorate of Havajond. They won by less than three thousand votes, 79,326 over 76,797, over the Liberal Nationalists who had been previously declared the winners of the third seat. In the Luka seat of Dansvelt, voters have also given the Burovians a seat over the LNP, 84,101 to 70,428 votes. Such a convincing win there, when it was previously declared to be a LNP victory will be investigated by UNV observers and UEC investigators who "smell a rat".

The Liberal Nationalists have pulled a rabbit from their proverbial hat in Hamilton, winning by a mere 346 votes over the Democrats, 81,832 to 81,486, at least at the moment. The UEC are refusing to declare the seat as anything other than doubtful until the remaining postal votes are processed. Though it may edge the margin closer, few expect the Democrats to win based on a few thousand remaining postal votes.

The Burovians also have cause to be disappointed, losing their marginal seat in Gyum'th to the fifth-place party, the Cruistian-Democrats (CDP). Nowhere in sight, the CDP were out of the running between the Democrats and Burovians for the essential fourth seat in the electorate. The Burovians won that race, 92,887 to 87,791 votes, but found the CDP sneak ahead with 92,948 votes, a mere 61 votes ahead. There remains several postal votes yet to be delivered, and significant chance for the Burovians to still sneak past, but for now the seat is clearly "doubtful". (Having said that, polls had lately said the contest was between the CDP and Democrats, so the Burovians getting into the picture remains impressive.)

The Peoples Party lost their seat of Ujam, being beaten by the Democrats, 59,203 to 57,772 votes. The Conservatives lost their second seat in the Aviemore electorate to the Liberal Nationalists, nulling the gain they made of a second seat in Charleston.

The Nystonia electorate of Isaston no longer has a doubtful seat, the Conservatives being soundly defeated by the Cruistian-Democrats, 96,062 to 100,929 votes. An impressive 93.8% of Nystonians voted, and gave their 21 seats to the CDP (6), Conservatives (2), LNP (3) and Progressives (1) over the leftist Peoples Party (6), Utani-Sædaj Party (2) and Republicans (1). Collectively, the six-party coalition won 2.37 million votes to the PPP-USP lead coalition's of a mere 1.2 million votes. Once more, the unique Utanian electoral system has deprived the six-party conservative coalition of more seats because they are effectively fighting eachother for votes.

The Utan Krysaror electorate of Uraja appeared certain to hand a seat to the Conservatives, but the Republican Party has dashed those hopes. In an apparent last minute dash to the end, the Republican have 73,483 votes over the 66,288 Conservative Party votes. The large difference and the fact that the Progressives also beat the Conservatives with 71,290, too, will see UEC and UNV Investigators taking a closer look at the electoral scrutineers there.

The Utani B'yan doubtful seats, all ten of them, have been also whittled down. In the very close electorate of Shecker, the five-way race between Conservatives, Democrats, USP, Republicans and Burovians has finished with 93.8% of the registered voters counted, handing a second seat to the Peoples Party, while the Republicans and Conservatives win the other two seats. The Conservatives are only 600 votes ahead of the USP, but UEC officials are reasonably confident enough that they have declared a provisional Conservative victory.

Shock came to the Democrats in the neighbouring seats of Dalesforth and Mulgrave, where a late charge by the Burovians sees them take a seat in both electorates from the Democrats. In Dalesforth, coming from two thousand votes down, to being two thousand votes up: 75,595 to 73,279, with 93.7% of the electorate's maximum possible vote counted. And in Mulgrave, the Burovians scored the fifth seat in the electorate, again with a mere two thousand vote margin: 75,433 to 73,017 votes. These are an amazing victory, and tributes to the hard work of Naahi Bennett, the Party's secretary who campaigned ceaselessly in the state ever since former Conservative backbencher, Max Boornal, became the Burovian party's leader, securing the north of the country. There is little chance in either electorate of remaining postal votes returning the seats to the Democrats at this late stage.

B'yantusu has affirmed a double-seat victory to the Peoples Party, instead of the previously-published charts showing the Democrats winning a seat there. Koltij has given up the doubtful seat in the contest between the Progressives and Democrats there, handing it to James Angorit's Progressive Party. Agraam also gave up on its two too-close-to-call seats, one to the Peoples Party and one to the Progressive Party. But, once more, the Liberal Nationalists were declared winners in that electorate: it was actually the Conservatives, and UNV and UEC investigators will be looking into the mis-reporting. Furthermore, Bathenne was not a victory for the Democrats as previously reported, but for the Conservatives.

This leaves Utani B'yan state with no remaining uncertainties, and a very clear victory for the Peoples-Utani Sædaj parties: 20 PPP, 12 USP and 2 Republican seats over Con 8, Dem 5, UPP (Progressive) 6, Burovians 2 and LNP 3.

Finally, Utania has an elected Parliament, and a certain government. Now, all that remains is for Parliament is assemble and immediately elect a President, putting to rest any uncertainty that has dogged the country recently.

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