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Release: October 9, 300 AP.

Boornal thanks Burovian supporters

The Burovian leadership today thanked the people of Utania for their votes, and thanked their supporters for their support, encouragement and continued faith in the Party and its beliefs.

Max Boornal, elected member of Parliament for Waitaki, and Utanian Burovian Movement (UBM) leader, thanked supporters at a party rally in Waitaki. The rally was attended by over ten thousand supporters and party officials.

"Burovianism has gained support within Utania, from a fledgling movement in July, to a 1.5 million voter-supported movement by October. 6.3% of voters wanted this party, this movement to govern in Utania, wanting sensible, free-trading, corruption-free and liberal-minded government in Utania and we should be proud of this achievement. Our challenge now is to show to voters in Utania that they can trust the Burovian movement, that we will promote the best people to govern here, that we will promote the best policies for all Utanians, and we will not back down when we see a hint of nepotism or political favouritism."

Mr Boornal reserved his greatest praise for Party Secretary Naahi Bennett, "without whom the Burovian movement would be little more than a supporters movement, without representation in Utan Krysaror." He also thanked the Burovian Realm for their support, advice and good wishes for the future of Utania and the UBM.

Mr Boornal has been asked about the rumours he is proposing to the coalition that the UBM join the government, but he has to-date refused to comment about inter-party talks, but has said that whatever the outcome, the UBM will endeavour to "promote secure stable government which is devoted to the needs of the people, achieving its objectives in the most professional manner possible."

The UBM have at least five MP's in the forthcoming Parliament, and are confirmed to have won 1,478,609 votes, or 6.3% of total votes, to date.

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