UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: October 9, 300 AP.

UNVCOCN HQ backs Gordon Davidz

The UNVCOCN mission headquarters in Christianshaven has come out in support of its "Point South" mission Director, Gordon Davidz, confirming his version of the confidential memo.

The UNVCOCN spokesman said that Utania was "at no time in danger of being invaded by UNV troops, EVER! The UNVCOCN HQ did not view the situation in Utania as being a insecure as the Mission in the country, and felt that no such action was warranted in this case. Beside which, the UNV recognises Utania as a sovereign nation, one that cannot be 're-secured' for any reason whatsoever."

He also said that the UNV had produced a list of potential coup-masters, a standard procedure in the UNV, and that President Hope had been on the list. "However", he continued, "The published memo makes no reference to the fact that the risk was assessed as negligible, that a coup was considered less likely that a typhoon in winter."

The spokesman said that Mr Davidz was the victim of a cruel hoax, "a fraudulent activity" and was seeking the assistance of the Utanian government in finding the parties involved.

There was no comment on the future of Mr Davidz or the UNVCOCN mission in Luka.

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