UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: October 21, 300 AP.

Former President Hope returns home

Former provisional-President Hope officially returned home to Luka today to a hero's welcome at Luka airport, after being defeated for the position of first elected President of Utania on Wednesday morning, 86-52. He also returned to the state where he will assume the full responsibilities as Governor of Lasanne, taking over from the Acting-Governor Johnston Sheen.

As he emerged from the plane, Governor Hope was cheered and applauded by over one thousand supporters in the airport who formed an impromptu honour-guard. He gave only one short speech, thanking them for their support, and hoping for their continued support, and telling them he had "thoroughly enjoyed" his short term as the country's leader, and hoped to one-day serve the nation in that way again.

Later that evening, Governor Hope was at a gala Conservative Party function with his family to raise funds for the party. He restated his enjoyment of the Presidential role, and wished President Okarvits the best of luck in running "such a diverse and needy country".

Toward the end of the evening, Conservative Party state secretary and staunch ally of Governor Hope, Daniel O'Regan declared that he would be heading up a "President Hope campaign fund" and that all donations were welcome. The announcement was greeted with rapturous applause and cheering, and Governor Hope was brought to the stage to speak in response.

He spoke only five words to rouse the crowd even more: "Let's bring Hope to Utania!"

Governor Hope went on to say that he would campaign for the Presidential elections due in late 301 or early 302 AP, and hoped for his party's nomination, so that they could "take back that which should have belonged to us!"

And voters are left wondering how could it be that minutes after one election is won that another campaign begins.

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