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Release: October 27, 300 AP.

Burovians join government as Boornal joins cabinet

President Okarvits has made a deal that will spare his Government from defeat within the Parliament, by having the Utanian Burovian Movement's MP's join the coalition government.

The Burovian leader, Max Boornal, said it was a "deal that places the country under a more stable government, and provides a greater emphasis on a centrist approach to financial management of the country".

Boornal's UBM will add six seats to the 71 seat government, providing a far more stable fourteen seat majority in the Parliament, than the previous two-seat. Furthermore, Boornal will be joining the new Cabinet, to be formed early next month, in the Finance, Banking and junior Treasury posts. President Okarvits is said to have given Boornal a "relatively free hand", say insiders, in setting up the country's Reserve Bank, and reforming the Banking and Financial industries in Utania.

Under the coalition agreement, the Burovians will also be offered one other (junior) cabinet post, and Burovian party founder and guiding light, Naahi Bennett, is said to be the most likely candidate to assume a Minister for Justice and Consumer Affairs posting.

The addition of Boornal adds significant weight to the cabinet, which had been largely made up of light-weight Peoples and Utani Saedaj Party lieutenants. Boornal and Bennett have significant experience that would "flesh out" the cabinet experience base, says political journalist Robert Bose. "President Okarvits really does have an enormously difficult job in reforming but keeping together this nation, and I think the more experience he gets in the cabinet, the better his chances of providing that necessary leadership."

"It takes a big man to ask for help from non-Government parties", said Mr Bose. "Even if they are sympathetic to the Government."

The deal with the Burovians expires after the election of a President in 302, as the Burovians may wish to provide support for an opposition President "for the sake of national (parliamentary) stability". It provides the Burovians with the option of voting against particular bills, but "nearly guarantees" a 90% rate of voting with the Government. The deal also pushes the President to retain "fiscally responsible policies".

Questions abound, therefore, about the allegiances of the Progressive Party, which, like the Burovians, pledged to support the government in "key" votes. Could Angorit, though not an MP, also join the Cabinet to further boost the experience of the cabinet?

James Angorit, founder and non-MP leader of the Utani Progressive Party, is the self-made billionaire owner and Chairman-CEO of Savaj Netopik, a billion pund utilities and manufacturing company out of Savana. His vast experience in building the company would be a welcome asset in any cabinet or company board.

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