UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: October 27, 300 AP.

Utanian Troops found in Dignania

President Okarvits confirmed today the rumours abounding about Utanian troops serving in the war torn nation of Dignania.

The President said that one battalion of just over 800 heavy infantry soldiers had travelled aboard the UDK Armadillo (which served in the I'ana archipelago occupation) with 13 armoured vehicles joining the Zartanian Imperial Fleet just off the coast of Dignania. The soldiers and medical personnel joined the allied forces there deep behind the lines as "material, medical and security assistance" to the allied troops.

"Former President Hope approached the Zartanian government to provide a peacekeeping force behind the battle lines, to provide medical and morale support for allied troops, to provide security patrol and peacekeeping support, and to assist with the management of munitions stores. In each case, these actions would release allied troops for activities closer to the front line."

"The effort is small, and former President Hope stated his intention to General Arjaat, who agrees totally with the deployment, to build the force to 15,000 by the end of this year. The intention, as described to me by General Arjaat", continued the President. "was to provide our troops with near-combat experience."

"As President, I shall recommend to the Parliament to not only continue this commitment, but to provide additional soldiers, up to ten thousand, for this effort. My reasoning is that though many Utanian troops have experience in the Guwimith Security Forces, or the provincial militia, neither role provides our military with sufficient experience necessary to understand battle conditions and thus provide adequate defense for this nation." President Okarvits lowered his glasses and looked into the crowd of journalists. "In summary, I will not allow the sacrifice of our soldiers, should we be invaded or forced into a combat role, because our officers lack the necessary understanding of real battle conditions."

The President then outlined the possible costs of providing such support, and noted that already three Utanian soldiers have been wounded in a bombing raid by communist planes. He committed Utanian troops not to combat, but to support, under General Thomas Gordain.

"Utania will provide additional support for the Dignanian allied forces, and the proper government of Dignania."

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