UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: November 1, 300 AP.

Central produce board will push food prices up

According to the head of a Belson Corporation institute, food prices are set to sky-rocket if full competition is permitted in the foods marketplace.

Agricultural Economist, Professor David Kopoya, of the University of Luka, and head of the Belson Corporation's Agricultural Studies Institute at the university, says that since the international price for harvested goods is so much higher overseas, opening the country to competition will inevitably raise food prices in Utania.

"If I can buy a tonne of wheat in Utania for a mere Û50, yet it costs about ChC163 on the international market, or about Û490, we can expect that liberalisation of the market in Utania will result in significant price rises for our basic foods." Professor Kopoya made the stunning announcement at a press conference in which he praised the Belson Corporation not only for it's sponsorship of the Institute, but other philanthropic ventures, and for "having the interests of Utania at heart".

Critics of Professor Kopoya said that he "is ignoring the effects of the floated currency, which will help to stablise the price of foods", but conceded that without some controls on exports, food prices could "inevitably rise". Furthermore, President Okarvits has ruled out a free-float of the Pund (Û) until the "benefits can be weighed".

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