UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: November 2, 300 AP.

Utania takes over Weapons Limitation Treaty administration

Under the direction of President Okarvits, the Utanian Diplomatic Relations has taken over the administration of the Vexillium Weapons Limitation Treaty, first proposed by the Regent of Christiana.

The Kingdom of Christiana deferred the administration of the Treaty to the United Democratic Republic of Utania due to a lack of Kingdom staff available to devote to the treaty and to "provide valuable experience" to the Utanian Diplomatic Corps.

The Treaty, to date, has only one signatory, Christiana, but Utania's President Okarvits was hopeful that more nations would rush to sign the treaty which aims to minimise arms sales, and the size of military forces Vexillium-wide. While not able to commit Utania at this time, owing to the poor state of the country's military, President Okarvits stated that it was "part of the agenda for this administration to sign the treaty, and to apply to join the ANNV".

All enquiries regarding the treaty should be directed to the Utanian Diplomatic Corps at info@diplomatic.gov.ut or refer to the VWLT web page at the following address:


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