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Release: November 22, 300 AP.

Langley addresses auto-workers; divulges LNP strategy

Liberal Nationalist Party leader, Kyle Langley, addressed 1300 workers at an automotive parts factory in Shecker today, and explained to the enthusiastic crowd his party's strategy for the future of the country once it wins power.

Already courting controversy by being invited by union leaders at the plant, as well as the company management, despite opposition from the leftist union movement, the charismatic leader and excellent speaker orated his way through an eighty minute speech in which he expounded on the virtues of cooperation between state, workers and capitalists.

"The nation is an amalgam of three peoples: the state, the companies and the workers, and no people should think themselves divided from the other, for we have a common future, inextricably linked to our actions regarding each other in the present time... Exploitation of the workers is as abhorrent as oppression by the state, or unionist power overrunning the nation... We must unite behind one common goal: the prosperity, safety and unity of the Utanian people."

After each proclamation, the LNP leader received increasingly enthusiastic applause from the normally left-leaning workers. Langley's clear and concise speaking style, coupled with popular themes of unity, nationalism and worker's rights, made him a clear favourite on the day.

In expounding on his party's goals when it wins power, which he says is a matter of time, not "if", Langley said that the party would "support Utanian companies and Utanian workers" over imports, and raise import duties to counter "foreign economic invasions". He said that under an Liberal Nationalist government, the state "would play a very active role in promoting Utanian businesses, to protect Utanian jobs and Utanian people", and would "prevent exploitation by foreign capitalists". All of which struck a populist chord with the automotive industry workers.

The Union leadership in Shecker were abhorred that the former Nationalist Party deputy leader was invited to speak. However, there is no doubting that the war over the hearts and minds of the working voter is far from over, even if another election is not due until 302.

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