UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: November 28, 300 AP.

Utanian outrage over Armatirion anti-religion laws

Numerous Utanian politicians and public figures have declared their surprise, opposition and even disgust at the new laws passed in Armatirion aimed at curbing religious expression, affiliation and...

All political parties in Utania have declared the opposition to the law, from the mildly opposed Liberal party to the virulent opposition from the Cruistian-Democrats. Governor Cryer of Nystonia state declared the law "a direct provocation against Utanians, our beliefs and our cherished freedoms!" He said that Utania should welcome the estimated 40,000 Utanian Cruistians back into the country. "We can no doubt anticipate thousands across Armatirion, clutching their Kyenye* walking back into Utania after hundreds of years living in Armatirion."

Liberal Nationalist leader, Kyle Langley, agreed. "The slur on people of faith is clear, and since Utania is the closest religious nation to Armatirion, one need not wonder too long to detemine against whom the remarks are directed." Even Burovian leader Max Boornal declared his opposition, too, saying the law was in opposition to "religious freedom ideals" declared by the Burovian philosophy.

While most Utanians oppose the new law (despite a lack of direct impact on Utanians), analysts are waiting for comment from the more moderate President Okarvits, who has remained silent to date. The President has a speech on Wednesday to the Luka Business Council, and another on Friday to the Utani Leaders Conference.

* NB; A "Kyenye" is an Utani expression for semi-legal documents, used for over 1000 years, that prove the Utani heritage of a person. Utani heritage is the sole requirement for Utanian citizenship at the present time.

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