UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: December 6, 300 AP.

Langley supports "Firecats" project

Utanian Liberal Nationalist Party (LNP) leader, Kyle Langley, has spoken out in favour of the controvertial "Firecats" defense project, citing the innumerable benefits to the Utanian economy.

Mr Langley stated today that the role of government is to support industry in growing for the benefit of the workers, to create jobs, and cited the "Firecat" project as a key example of how Utania could benefit from "Hi-Tech" industry being developed through the development of "state of the art" fighters.

"With the technical needs of modern fighter planes, I imagine dozens of businesses employing thousands of people would be required to support this project, thus, firstly, boosting the national product of Utania, and, secondly, providing new skills within these shores that can be developed into all manner of spin-off industries."

Mr Langley then followed this by stating his amazement that "there could be any discussion about the future of the project"; that it was clear the project must go ahead or risk the thousands of workers on the project.

The "Firecat" is the name for the Guwimith Empire's attempt to build modern fighter jets, its factories largely based in or around the Utanian city of Luka. Only seventeen were ever constructed, all of which currently serve in the Utanian airforce.

MP Langley was speaking at a Liberal Nationalist rally in Charleston, calling for greater protection for coal workers, a number of whom were recently injured or killed nearby the neighbouring city of Hamilton. In his speech, he reaffirmed the LNP's belief that modern society is the "inter-dependency of workers, corporations and State", such that no one group could survive without the other, stating that the mine accident "could not happen" under a Liberal Nationalist-lead government.

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