UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: December 28, 300 AP.

President ill-informed of Dignanian retreat

President Okarvits' spokesman has been forced on the back foot by journalists seeking details of the Utanian Peacekeepers' retreat in Dignania.

The Zartanian RNS has reported a full-scale retreat currently being performed by allied troops, and morning papers in Utania have been full of the news service's report. Reporters attempting to gain official comment this morning were disappointed as the Presidential spokesman reported that "at this stage" General Gordain had not reported this news to the President.

Then, at midday, Utan Krysaror time, the President's lead spokesman, Robert Ojond, made a statement based on a preliminary report from General Gordain. Short of detail, the spokesman reported that the President had briefly been in contact with General Gordain, and that there was confirmation of three deaths from one attack on a Peacekeeping Command centre in Sector 17, the newly formed Peacekeeping sector closest to the previously advancing frontline, now being overrun by communist forces.

"It is apparent that there is chaos over there at this time, and that even General Gordain is not fully abreast of the situation", said the spokesman. "We will obviously keep you informed as details come to light."

As a consequence of the debacle, the President can expect headlines tomorrow from the country's major newspapers declaring that "President knows nothing" said one journalist.

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