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Release: January 26, 301 AP.

Utani celebrate Confederation Day

Confederation day is being celebrated in Utania today as the day marking the "permanent ties between the nine tribes" of the Utani nation.

The traditional ceremony consisted of an outdoor church service witnessed by thousands, and the staging of a declaration of Utani unity made by Areopatre I, King of the Savaj, over a thousand years ago, performed by the Savaj Emperor's 51 year old father. The Emperor himself then made the traditional speech reaffirming the union now in a new form, Utania, which he prayed would be governed with equitable favour on all nine tribes.

Some had proposed the Emperor declare "equitable favour upon all ten tribes" making the clear pronouncement that Utania's fate is now equally tied to the Uta-Decashi (non-Utani, lit. "tenth tribe") as it is to the nine tribes. It was unlikely this would happen, but hardline progressives continue to press for such changes.

In Utan-Krysaror, President Okarvits declared at a Confederation Day celebration in the town hall that the day was "an opportunity to celebrate those things which bind, not divide the Utani people in over three thousand years of history." On the east cost, the celebrations were far more muted, with less state funding for celebrations and fewer attendees.

"It is a day celebrating the Utani peoples, celebrating our unification, either as the Utanian Empire, or as the nine sons of Pethonis united under a confederation", declared the Savaj Emperor Areopatre XXXIV. The holiday was insisted upon by the Utani Saedaj party, and then the Peoples Party, as the celebration of the ties that bind the Utani people into one. It was long celebrated under the Savaj Emperors, of which the current twenty-year old Emperor is thirty-fourth in the thousand year dynasty.

"It has no relevance to the Uta-Decashi", insists thirty-year old, father of five Goran Kyopani. "This is a celebration of the united Utani peoples." But, many Uta-Decashi disagree, seeing the celebration one of the nationhood of Utania.

"It celebrates the united Utania which united four provinces of the Guwimithians", says Diana Bennett of Luka. "We could very easily have been two seperate nations if the UNV had gotten their way. United we are a stronger people." However, this appears to be the minority view. In a recent nationwide poll of 500 non-Utani, the Luka Herald found that only 23% thought the holiday was of relevance to them, yet the majority (87%) still believed it should be a national holiday. Most Utani agree.

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