UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: March 1, 301 AP.

President under pressure for failing to decide

While he is under fire from members of his own government for trying to overspend on military hardware, the President today came under fire from the opposition for "failing to make the necessary decisions to strengthen Utanian defences".

Liberal Nationalist Party leader, and renowned parliamentary "hawk", Kyle Langley MP, told the Parliament that the President "has left the country in a state of ill-defence", unable to repel a major staged invasion, and alluded to military exercises being performed by Armatirion "at this time" to "frighten Utanian children with the spectre of socialist death". The Department of Diplomatic Relations said they knew nothing of any military exercises being performed by Armatirion, and questioned Mr Langley's sources. However, the Armatirion socialist-nation-on-our-doorstep card continues to play well with numerous sections of the Utanian public.

Opposition leader, Thomas Kemp MP, in full Presidential Preselection Campaign mode, attacked the President's "apparent lack of decisiveness" in failing to decide now the future of the Utanian military, and its capabilities. He would recommend Parliament investigate the entire military expenditure affair, a clear attempt to seek to embarrass the President.

Utania's scheduled expansion was due to cost Û10 billion, but once a shopping list was put forward by the Minister for Defence, Samuel Artos, that figure exploded to up to Û27 billion. The President, under intense pressure, called for a halt to any purchases, but it is understood that at least Û3 billion in purchases have been committed to.

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