UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: March 1, 301 AP.

Rovens in truce with main communists

The new President of the Peoples Republic of Rovens has scored his first "win" by securing a "non-expansion" truce with the communist guerrilla forces of the Pataki Peoples Army, the largest of the communist rebel movements in Rovens. The PPA's political wing, the Pataki Communist Party is a member of the governing PIMR coalition.

The agreement, signed after a month of intensive negotiations, sees the PPA agreeing not to advance on current agreed borders with the government of Rovens, and will see a withdrawal of the Rovens Army from the "border".

"The truce seeks to provide an environment in which there cannot be arguments over how many each side has killed over the other, leaving the only discussion point of a permanent peace." said Amea Kope, the Military Minister of the K'yonte Presidency. However, the greatest test for the new President will be maintaining discipline over the army while ordering their withdrawal from the "border". Many analysts predict the army may not obey the order.

An agreement with the remaining, smaller communist groups will be inevitable now.

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