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Nystonian Governor under fire for remarks about dead woman's morals

Governor Cryer was under national fire from all quarters after passing comment on the "morality" of a woman murdered this past weekend.

The Governor appeared to try to link the dead mother of four's morals with her murder, citing the fact that the four children had three different fathers, and that she was seen with an unknown man that evening at the nightclub she was attending. "Clearly", said the Governor, "this is a warning to people of wayward morals that their actions have consequences."

The 32 year-old woman was found dead early on Sunday morning by relatives dropping home her four children in the Vela Luka suburb of West Heights. She had been strangled and beaten, and found lying in the middle of the kitchen of her three bedroom council apartment. Police would not confirm whether she had been raped, but it did appear that she was still wearing the silver-coloured dress she left home wearing. Police confirmed that the mother of four had dropped her children off at her sister's home at 7pm, before getting ready to "go out" that evening with friends to a night club in the centre of Vela Luka. She was seen leaving the premises with an "unknown male", and neighbours report that she did not return home alone. Police provided an identikit of the male, and asked him to contact them. Police also confirmed that the three fathers of her children had been contacted.

Opposition Gubernatorial candidate and leader of the Peoples Party in Nystonia, Mongomery Ashton, said the Governor "clearly had little understanding of the people in the real world", and that his comments were "unsavoury at best".

Liberal MP and head of the Womens' Rights League, Diana Warton, lambasted the Governor as "callous", and "ghoulish". "Here is a man who is supposed to be leading the people of Nystonia into a new era of prosperity passing moral judgements on a dead woman without consideration for her circumstances, for her family and even less for the poor children who must not only suffer the loss of their mother, but now that their own Governor is slandering her name!"

Yet, the Governor has his supporters in the community, and the Governor's "protection of moral order in turbulent times" doctrine rings as music to many voter's ears, voters who are paranoid by the sweeping changes to their world, fearful of Utani backlash against "white" rule.

The Governor is ahead of challenger Ashton, 58% over 32%, and his Cruistian Democrat-Liberal Nationalist coalition government is set to win an additional five seats in forthcoming elections giving them an unfettered hold on power. (They are currently supported by the more moderate Democratic Party.)

West Heights is a traditionally working-class neighbourhood of Vela Luka, the Nystonian state capital, having an suburban average income of 62% the state average. It voted 78% in favour of the Republican, Liberal and Peoples parties at the last state election. Montgomery Ashton will represent the Peoples, Republican and Liberal parties in the forthcoming Governor's race.

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