UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: March 14, 301 AP.

UEC preliminary analysis shows Guwimithian regime may have rorted votes!

The Utanian Electoral Commission has performed a preliminary analysis of the electorates presently in existance against present known population figures, and they show massive discrepencies, prompting Government and Opposition outrage.

While under no pressure to adjust the electoral system immediately, the Utanian Electoral Commission has begun "preliminary analysis" of the population figures from the census against the population figures used for the development of the current system of electorates.

Utania's northernmost electorate of Waitaki, for which the leader of the Burovian Party is an MP, was said to have a population of 1.3 million according to the previous regime's population figures. The Utanian census shows that there is only 702,000 residents of that electorate, and an estimated 400,000 voters, indicating that at least two MPs representing that electorate, and most likely a third, should not be present in federal Parliament. They would include Peoples Party MP Walter Grier, Democratic MP Franz Dubert, and possibly even Burovian leader Max Boornal.

"It is a total and unmitigated disaster" said one MP on condition of anonymity. "What do we do now? Throw out the present Parliament and rebuilt it? What effect will this have on the stability of the Government? Do we hold Parliamentary elections first, or continue with the Presidential election?" According to the Constitution, Parliamentary elections cannot be held within twelve months of a Presidential election, and the first Presidential election is due in January 302.

"Certainly, this preliminary analysis raises several questions that remain unanswered", said UEC chief, Walter Dale. "But, I would warn against taking too literal a line with the figures until further investigation and analysis has been completed."

When asked whether Federal Police would be asked to investigate whether this was the result of deliberate actions of electoral fraud, Mr Dale could not comment. It is rumoured that UNV officials are shaking their heads in disbelief, yet it would appear that they themselves, in trusting population distribution figures from the former regime could be also at fault.

Political analyst Professor David Kapur said the revelations raised more questions than it answered, and that there would "have to be" a federal criminal investigation. "The country, the people, the voters needs to whether this was deliberate, whether this has been based on actions by the provincial government, implicating the Hope state government", Mr Kapur said. "Perhaps this is a nationwide problem. Until we get the final analysis, we cannot know."

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