UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: March 15, 301 AP.

Utania and Feniz in multi-billion pund trade deal

This news item was later designated premature, and caused some embarrassment for the Utanian government. The agreement had not been concluded at this early stage.

Utanian and Fenizic trade ministers have signed a historic trade agreement that will see 4.3 million tonnes of agricultural produce and almost seven million animals exported from Utania to Feniz.

The trade agreement is a watershed in trade for Utania, indeed for many Vexillium nations because of the detailed nature of the agreement. Worth 7,182 million to Utania's starving foreign cash reserves, Utania's current problems in exporting agricultural produce is significantly alleviated, and may be further alleviated with a similar deal foreshadowed between Utania and Hochlandia, the recently Feniz-annexed state.

Utania's agricultural exports once came to an estimated 75 billion under the Guwimithian regime, as the dependency territories that now comprise Utania, South Bay and, to a lesser extent, Begral were largely the "bread basket" for the Guwimith Island. With Guwimith more highly dependent on Whitlam for agriculture now, and many former export markets under the Guwimithian regime have been lost (eg; Gronk), Utanian agricultural exports have dropped substantially, and the agricultural industry in Utania is suffering high unemployment and wasting crops.

Utania's Trade Minister, Arthur Reagan, is busily travelling the globe attempting to raise export markets for Utania's agriculture, which is of high quality and amongst lowest costs in the world. While the Feniz deal represents the largest sale yet, a recent deal with the Greater Zartanian Empire was worth 3.9 billion.

Feniz will now officially become Utania's primary supplier of crude oil and petrochemical products. It is estimated that Utania consumes 650,000 barrels of crude oil each day, or 237 million barrels of oil annually, worth 21.3 billion (C7.1 billion). This represents less than 1% of world consumption.

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