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Release: March 23, 301 AP.

President announces electricity developments

The Û5.3 billion electricity generation industry is due for new generation capacity with the connection of the Lukica Hydroelectric power station to the Utanian power grid in the east coast.

If President Okarvits has his way, a proposed major 400kV power line from Lukica Hydroelectric power station will traverse through 800km of Savana and link into Nystonia's power grid providing an additional 1.8GW of generation for the fast expanding east coast. Lukica Power Station was originally constructed to supply the Guwimith province of Trix, now southern South Bay, but it now falls within the territory of Utania. With unrest in South Bay, electricity exports to that country have dwindled, and the President is keen to ensure that the power station is not mothballed.

Furthermore, a report was commissioned by the President on the Okarvits Hydroelectric dam, and is tipped to recommend an increase to the generation capacity of that station. Okarvits Dam at 2,500 MW generation capacity is Utania's largest power station, supplying 9% of the country's electricity needs. (The Okarvits dam can supply 1.6 million homes and the reservoir behind the dam covers 128,000 hectares.)

Greens criticise the President for not increasing research funding into alternative energy sources, which make up less than 1/500th of the country's generation. The energy breakdown for generation is:
Hydro: 18.3%
Thermal: 78.5%
Nuclear: 3.1%
Wind: 0.2%

These figures reveal Utania as a heavy contributor to greenhouse gases, through extensive use of Coal-fired and gas-fired power stations. Furthermore, Utania is severely short of power generation capacity. "Brown outs" are now well known in Savana and rural cities of Utani B'yan, but are becoming increasingly more common in the regional areas of Nystonia and Lasanne.

Another key reform is the need to link all of Utani B'yan and Savana onto the national electricity grid, as well as remaining parts of Lasanne and Nystonia states. Currently, an estimated three to six million Utanians are not connected to any mains power, and rely on communal generators. A key reform, said the President, is to change that.

Utania currently has a capacity of 47.5 GW, and uses 146 TWh annually, which is 3,105 kWh per person.
<Tech> Meanwhile, on Earth: Norway tops the world with 27,664; Finland = 15,413; USA = 11,163; NZ = 7,919; Portugal = 3,620; Peru = 700 and India = 314. One kWh is enough power to keep a 60W light globe going for about 17 hours straight. </tech>

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