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Release: March 23, 301 AP.

Liberal Nationalists sabre-rattle over Armatirion

Utania's non-government Liberal Nationalist Party (LNP) this week "rattled the sabre" at the threat from the west, Armatirion, calling on the Government to do more to "protect Utania from socialism".

Liberal Nationalist state MPs in Nystonia and their federal counterparts are attacking the federal government for its failure to "provide adequate protection for Utania from the socialist threat", namely Armatirion. Claiming "two-hundred million Armatirians are right next door", and citing hereto unknown "facts" about Armatirion's military plans for the "stabilisation", or invasion, of the SEOC region, the Liberal Nationalists attempted to incite fear into the hearts of listeners.

The Liberal Nationalists are trailing their coalition partners, the Cruisitian-Democrats, and the Peoples Party in the Nystonia state polls, polls which indicate that Governor Cryer will be re-elected with a six-seat majority.

It isn't the first time the Liberal Nationalists have raised the spectre of a socialist invasion from the west: it was a hot election issue in August of last year, which prompted the then President Hope to forcefully occupy the I'ana archipelago, a series of small islands south of Utania that link the country with Ptica Park. It gained the LNP several votes.

Yet, LNP federal leader, Kyle Langley, has in recent months down-played the issue, focusing instead on a slew of economic principles his party would govern by, principles being put to good use in Nystonia state. That is, until now. He has let the "dogs of war" loose, said one government MP, and MPs from the LNP are attacking the government on the issue.

Kyle Langley denies it. He has thrice publicly told his MPs to "stick to the facts", but then gone on to berate the President for failing to protect Utania "adequately". It seems that when you're on a good thing, stick to it.

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