UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: March 25, 301 AP.

Sultan of Feniz in Utania

The Sultan of Feniz arrived yesterday in Utania for the beginning of a three day visit to strengthen relations between Feniz and Utania.

The Sultan's ship docked in Utan Krysaror where he was greeted by President Okarvits, three members of Cabinet, and the Prime Minister. One full regiment of the Presidential Guard were present in full military uniform and formed an honour guard for the Sultan as he was taken to the Presidential Complex for the beginning of brief talks. A large assembly of reporters were also present for the arrival of the Sultan's ship. It is understood that an Utanian Naval Frigate and several smaller craft escorted the Sultan's cruise ship into the harbour.

Yesterday the Sultan spent his day in discussions with President Okarvits, and others, discussing several matters relating to relations between Utania and Feniz, trade, and matters of state. One topic that is understood to be discussed is the recent diplomatic gaff by Department of Diplomatic Relations staff in prematurely announcing a trade agreement with Feniz.

A state dinner was held in the Sultan's honour last night with the very best in Utanian entertainment presented. Over 190 guests were understood to be present, and the Sultan was presented with the gift of four Alpaca to add to the Royal Zoo in Feniz. Alpaca, hooved animals native to Utania are prized for their wool, but have a nasty defence mechanism of spitting in the face of their victims. Fortunately, the animals presented showed no such discourtesy to the Sultan.

Today, the Sultan takes a brief sojourn to visit a friend in Utania, and on Monday flies to Chiquiti to inspect the Fenizic aid mission in Chiquiti. He will return in the afternoon to briefly meet with members of the Parliament as well as continues discussions with the President. In the late afternoon, the Sultan flies back to Feniz for Fenizic Foundation Day celebrations.

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