UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: April 5, 301 AP.

Uproar as Presidential visit revealed!

Almost two weeks ago, in a general press release, the Armatirion Minister of Defence, General Victor Redgrave, revealled that President Okarvits was planning to visit the socialist nation, causing shocked disbelief amongst opposition MPs.

Liberal Nationalists in Nystonia and federally had made a spectacle of citing "known" military plans, in an attempt to provoke voters to support the LNP in the Nystonian election. The Armatirians countered on March 24 with a declaration that the supposed "plans" for invasion of the SEOC region were "absurd", and that Armatirion's military operations have been restricted to routine drills and exercises, since their liberation of Ordland and Kiltanland in the new world. They also indicated that they had good unofficial relations with President Okarvits, who was planning a visit "soon".

President Okarvits today confirmed, in a special press conference, that he would be visiting Ailati for high-level discussions and the establishment of diplomatic relations between Utania and her largest near-neighbour. The final date is not agreed, but it will be before the month ends, declared the President.

The Nationalist Party's leader, Thomas Abels, has declared the visit "acknowledgement" of the Armatirion Republic, something they oppose, preferring instead to maintain a strong arm against their perceived socialist enemy. The Liberal Nationalist moderates, including leader Kyle Langley, agree that "cautious diplomacy" must be established, but that high level talks "smack of subservience to the Armatirians". Langley made the analogy that President Okarvits was scurrying to Ailati as a "scared cat under orders from the house rat". Langley said Okarvits should send the ambassador, but not run to Ailati with quite so much haste.

The Opposition somewhat agreed, but were supportive of the general purpose of the trip: diplomatic relations.

President Okarvits defended his actions after the press conference saying that Armatirion was the largest near-neighbour Utania had, and "good commuication" would be crucial in maintaining a good relationship between the two countries.

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