UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: April 5, 301 AP.

Utanian convoy "paranoid"

President Okarvits has been forced to defend the Dignanian convoy commander, Rear Admiral Bennett, who requested Ordlandic assistance in "disarming" an unarmed fishing trawler Wednesday of last week.

The convoy was passing through the Rian Strait between the new world continents of Fiarria and Nuarmia when it halted because an unidentified ship had passed into their path, and into their path again when the convoy corrected its path. The Admiral halted the convoy and sent the two frigates to ahead, and an armed naval helicopter to investigate. The chopper reported that the ship was a fishing trawler from Ordland, and the Ordlandic coast guard was called in.

The Admiral contacted the Ordlandic Coast Guard who dispatched a ship to meet with the trawler. Armed coast guard officers are understood to have boarded the trawler to check for weapons, and found nothing.

President Okarvits said that Rear Admiral Bennett was "looking after the safety and security" of the six thousand personnel in the convoy, and acted "appropriately and with great sensitivity to the Ordlandic government". While some reporters are calling the Admiral "paranoid", the President emphasised that the security of the mission must always come first, above the perceptions of reporters and commentators without a clue of the real conditions.

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