UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: April 7, 301 AP.

Nystonians go to the polls

Utania's seven million people living in Nystonia go to the polls today in state election that is certain to re-elect Governor Edward Cryer and his radical, "moralist" Cruistian Democrat and Liberal Nationalist government.

Polls opened at 8am this Saturday morning and Governor Cryer arrived early at his local Benmore polling booth to vote, playfully refusing to confirm afterwards that he voted for himself and his government. "Voting is a private matter", said the Governor, but added "I have voted for the man and the government that will continue to provide results for Nystonia's people, all of her people."

Montgomery Ashton, the opposition candidate for Governor, voted in his inner city Vela Luka polling booth. In response to questions about his chances, the state opposition leader said that he would "respect the will of the people" regardless of the result. Insiders claim he is devastated that the loss is going to be so severe, and will consider standing down as leader. The Nystonian Peoples Party is still damaged after the split eight years ago from the Cruistian Democrats, and few alternative leaders have emerged.

The election is for the single state Parliament, the Governor and several regional Mayoralties. The Governor race is more a popularity contest as the Parliament must approve the people's choice. However, anytime the people's choice is overruled, the government of the day is subsequently thrown from office, such as the previous Conservative government (293-97).

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