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Release: April 19, 301 AP.

Conservatives and Cruistian-Democrats to have single Presidential Candidate

The Conservative and Cruistian-Democratic parties have agreed to present a single candidate to the people next January in the Presidential elections.

After months of talking about it, the central committee of the Cruistian-Democratic Party finally ratified the agreement between it and the Conservative Party about merging Presidential campaigns. The move provides greater funding for the joint campaign, the state funding of which is based on popular vote achieved in the most recent election, and in private funding, which will be the combined efforts of supporters of both parties.

The Cruistian Democratic Party (CDP) has agreed to have its candidates fielded alongside those of the Conservative Party, and that voting shall be based on an electoral system. The Conservatives adopted the system because it resembles most the Presidential electoral system: each electorate shall vote, and the total votes won by the combined parties in that electorate in September 300 shall be presented to the winner of that electorate. Furthermore, the two parties will vote proportional to the support they achieved in that same election for that electorate.

Since the Utanian Electoral Commission has not finalised the new design of the electorates for January 302, the joint committees agreed to see the vote based on the electorates of the September 300 election.

The system will weigh heavily in favour of Governor Edward Cryer, who recently won a second term as Nystonian state governor, and who has openly declared his intention to run for the Presidency. Governor Cryer will strongly dominate in his home state, where about half the country's CDP votes were from, which was roughly one-sixth of the combined parties voter base of over 4.6 million votes. While this will not guarantee him victory, it will make him the most powerful second-placer in the combined party, and an almost guaranteed Vice Presidential candidate.

The lead candidate is likely to be Opposition Leader Thomas Kemp. The aged veteran of Utanian politics has significant support from all sections of the Conservative Party, particularly in the southern state of Utani B'yan, where almost one million Conservative votes were racked up. His nearest rival is former-President Edward Hope, now Lasanne Governor, who will likely win significant support in Lasanne, where one-third of the combined-parties votes are. It will mean that the support of Governor Cryer is essential to the campaign of either Conservative candidate.

The announcement of the combined candidacy effectively signals the beginning of the C-CDP campaign, with fundraising being the first activity. Kemp is already a frontrunner there, having the support of the Conservative Party's commercial and industrial supporters. Yet, despite this, President Okarvits is certain to win his own party's endorsement and will be the man to beat in the January election. The C-CDP race may yet simply be an entertaining distraction from the real campaign.

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