UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: May 2nd, 301 AP.

Protests on May Day in Utania

Though the number of protesters was small compared to previous years, May Day protesters made their presence known in Utania.

A small gathering of eight hundred protesters in Luka, and smaller gatherings in Vela Luka, Shecker and Utan Krysaror braved a large police presense to protest against the "right-wing" direction of the Peoples Party government, calling on President Okarvits to restore "socialist direction".

Leading the protests in Luka was Democratic Socialist Party MP John Stirling, who is a member of the Okarvits cabinet. Disagreement broke out between some members of the protest who accused Stirling of betraying the "socialist cause" as he addressed the crowd of die-hard communists and socialists. Stirling called on "greater socialist action" from the people of Lasanne state to encourage voters to strengthen the "socialist hand" in Utania's parliament.

Protests in other cities were smaller than previous years, with Shecker leading the way with seven hundred unionist protesters calling on the government to back the unions, and institute a minimum wage for manufacturing and agricultural workers.

In previous years, May Day was one day when the majority of non-Utani protested against the Guwimithian regime (Utani traditionally used Utani days which are now national holidays). It would attract crowds of as many as ten thousand in Shecker and Luka. With independence the major reason for protesting is gone.

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