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Release: May 25th, 301 AP.

Christiana reacts to Crawley move

President Okarvits refused to allow it to be called a "diplomatic row", but accepted that the moving sideways of Ambassador Crawley has caused more problems than he had anticipated.

Christiana's Prime Minister wrote to international newspapers saying that he "refuses to comment on the removal of" Ambassador Crawley from Christianshaven, but made several comments on a press issue circulated by UPA yesterday.

He commented on Utanian insider comments, as reported by UPA, claiming Crawley had failed in his role as Ambassador, by failing to secure a strategic agreement or even a trade agreement. The Prime Minister stated that Utania had "not presented any offers of an agreement".

While President Okarvits refused to be drawn on the matter of Ambassador Crawley's reported failings, UPA reporter Josh Welden wasn't so retiscent.

"That's just the point", he said. "Christiana hasn't received any such proposals from Utania, because Ambassador Crawley has failed to make them. This is why the inside sources criticise him." It is known, however, that Utanian Minister for Trade, Arthur Reagan, issued a letter to the Christianan Prime Minister on March 15th requesting high-level discussions on trade. The Minister has not yet received a reply, but neither has Ambassador Crawley followed the matter up.

Prime Minister Josephs joined in Utanian criticism of the dormant UNV General Assembly and offerred to take over and rebuild the organisation. While the general assembly lies dormant, the UNV continues to operate in several collapsed and other nations, simply without its Parliament or Secretary-General.

President Okarvits, speaking with reporters as he arrived early this morning at the main Presidential building, pointed out that the Christianan Prime Minister stated that Ambassador White, formerly Minister for Diplomatic Relations under President Hope, was "acceptable" and that he "appreciate(s) their (Utania's) concern for our (Utania-Christiana) relationship". The President said that the matter was therefore resolved.

Clearly the President hadn't read to the end of the Prime Minister's letter, and was very surprised to hear that Prime Minister Josephs claimed Ambassador Crawley had "filed a request for immigration and political refuge in Christiana". He mumbled something about "getting back to you" (being the reporters), and walking away. Reports from the Presidential Suburb are that Minister for Diplomatic Relations Robert Talin has been rushed back from a tour of a Luka chemicals factory to Utan Krysaror.

Utanian diplomatic staff, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that it was "clear" the Christianan government "feels slighted" by the Ambassador's move, a response that diplomatic staff had reported to the President "was a possibility". Crawley's experience was, however, badly needed in Colchisia, and languishing in Christianshaven. They had no insight into the request for political refugee status supposedly requested by Ambassador Crawley.

Ambassador Crawley has served in Christianshaven for six months and is considered one of the most experienced diplomats in Utanian service. He is being moved to Colchisia, in the Lendosan Confederation, which is tipped to be a "strategic relationship" when Arthur Reagan announces a Û30 billion trade deal with that nation next week.

We shall keep you posted.

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