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Release: May 24th, 301 AP.

Ambassador to move from Christianshaven

Ambassador John Crawley is packing his bags and moving to Colchisia in the Lendosan Confederation, it was announced today.

Ambassador Crawley is one of the most experienced diplomats in the Utanian staff, but has been "performing poorly", according to insiders, in his role as Ambassador to Christiana. They cite a lack of strategic agreements, let alone a trade agreement with the world's most well-known nation.

President Okarvits announced the move for Ambassador Crawley today at a press conference. The President rejected flatly rejected any suggestion that the move for Crawley was a snub for Christiana.

"In no way does it reflect on Christiana, and I have written to the Prime Minister to emphasise that point with him. There is no diminishing of the relationship between Utania and Christiana." By implication, it was suggested that Ambassador Crawley had "performed poorly" in Christianshaven, another suggestion rejected, albeit less vigourously, by the President.

"Ambassador Crawley has served us well in Christianshaven, and will serve us even better in Colchisia." The President announced that Dr Eloi White will serve as "acting" Ambassdor until "a suitable replacement" is found, and emphasised that Dr White would be "as active as any full Ambassador could be".

Instead, the President took the opportunity to criticise the almost defunct UNV General Assembly, to which Dr White is the Utanian delegate, by saying that Dr White has had "plenty of spare time of late".

The move to Colchisia could be the biggest of Crawley's career, if recent reports are right. The rumoured Û30 billion trade agreement between Utania and the Lendosan Confederation would make the Confederation the "most significant" trading partner Utania has in the world, a coup for trade diplomats, but also for liberals fighting against Utania signing an alliance agreement with the Zartanian Empire.

The serious nature of the relationship is also emphasised by the placing of Crawley in Colchisia.

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