UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: May 26, 301 AP.

Utanian Air Force puts on a show

The Utanian Air Force demonstrated to the public the awesome power of the newly leased Espectro II jet fighters at an airshow today.

Seven of the fleet of one hundred Espectros were put through their paces in an air force show of strength, demonstrating the speed, power and maneuverability of the fighters at an air show at Yotak Air Force base 100km east of Luka.

The Û65 million jet fighters several times flew in stylish formations to demonstrate the skill of the Utanian pilots as well. The demonstration lasted twenty-five minutes and awed the entire crowd of 49,000, finishing with the firing of a class II air-to-surface missile targetted on a disused building on the air force base, obliterating the building in a firey finale. The crowd were more than 800m from the explosion, but the wind from the explosion could be felt by all, not to mention the extremely loud sound.

The Utanian government has leased one hundred Espectro IIs from the Lendosan Confederation for Û600 million per annum, the last of which arrived in Utania two weeks ago. The jets are of up-to-date technology according to the Air Force, and state of the art firepower.

Air Force spokesman, Wing Commander Fred Nystos, said the jets were "a sound investment for the defence of the nation".

Curiously, Utania's own jet fighters, the Firecats, were not on display.

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