UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: Saturday, June 2nd, 301 AP.

Crawley admits to immigration plea

Utania's Ambassador John Crawley has admitted to a Parliamentary Diplomatic Relations committee that he did "suggest" to Christianan Immigration Officials that he "would seriously consider" immigrating to Christiana to avoid heading to Colchisia, capital of the Lendosan Confederation.

Ambassador Crawley brought about an embarassing diplomatic "situation" with Christiana by suggesting to Christianan diplomatic officials that he would consider changing nationality in order to stay in Christiana, and avoid being sent to Colchisia. Utanian diplomats were forced to placate the Christianan government, insisting Ambassador Crawley's move to Colchisia was "nothing extraordinary", and only routine. Ambassador Crawley brought the matter to international attention by refusing to go.

In a closed door hearing, the Ambassador, who arrived from Christianshaven yesterday, is said to have explained that his actions were in response to pressure from his Islandian-born wife of nine years who "refused" to follow him to Colchisia claiming the severe heat and humidity "would be the death of her".

Diplomatic Relations staff confirmed after the meeting that Ambassador Crawley would be departing immediately for Colchisia, while his wife and children would "momentarily" remain in Christianshaven.

"As Ambassador White is living in the UNV embassy accomodations, we have no pressing need for the Ambassador's residence for now", said a department spokesman. "Mrs Crawley is being allowed to stay there until we can resolve this situation permanently."

The spokesman confirmed that Mrs Crawley had been informed that the Colchisia residence was air conditioned, and that the city, "while in the equatorial region" experienced temperatures almost exclusively between 24 and 34*C (75 and 93*F), rarely higher or lower. In contrast, Islandia is often colder and can experience snow.

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