UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: June 9, 301 AP.

Attorney General admits there's "not enough lawyers"

The Utanian Attorney General has today admitted that Utania has too few
lawyers to handle the enormous caseload.

There is an estimated 1.7 million crimes committed in Utania annually, but a
total estimate of 60,000 lawyers in the country. While the Guwimithian system
managed to clear them each year, the system of speed trials violated numerous
rights and many innocent people were jailed.

Minister Jurgen Hoff MP today admitted that the country lacked the necessary
number of lawyers to effectively cope with the caseload: currently the ratio is
28.3 cases per lawyer, including judges, prosecutors and corporate advisers. It
means that the number of cases in the backlog is growing, as the government made
it tougher to get convictions.

The opposition claims it is the poor organisation of the legal system that Mr
Hoff has not tackled causing the massive backlog of cases, and has called for
the President to remove him.

Currently the country's universities unleash 2,600 law graduates a year, which
will slowly build the number of lawyers to 73,000. The Attorney General says
many more are needed.

"We never thought we would say this", jokes Mr Hoff, himself a qualified
lawyer, "but we need to train up more lawyers."

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