UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: June 11, 301 AP.

Utanian Coast Guard comes into effect

Utania's Coast Guard has disembarked its leading frigate UDK Neholya in a
ceremony in the capital introducing the grey-uniformed military branch.

Numbering 10,800 servicemen (no conscipts), the ninety-ship Utanian Coast Guard
are charged with the protection of the Utanian coast against military and
non-military incursions, marine safety and maintaining Utania's control over
the 200nm "economic exclusivity zone".

"Marine safety" includes search and rescue operations for any sailors inside
Utania's "area of marine responsibility", a vague statement of mutual
obligation for all military or non-military marine craft.

Admiral Devan E. Jasper commands the naval force and joins the Joint Chiefs
committee after twenty-six years in the Guwimithian Dependencies and then
Utanian Navies. The force is primarily made up of three light frigates, plus
the entire Utanian gun, missile and patrol boat "fleet", which numbers 67
ships. The Coast Guard has responsibility for the entire 3,000+ km coastline of
Utania, at one ship per 33km.

The reorganisation allows the regular Navy to now focus on its role of the
front-line defender of Utania at sea.

A full description of the Utanian military can be found under the "Military"
sub-section, "Civil Service" section under "Government" on the Utanian web
site, or from here

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