UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: June 16th, 301 AP.

"Vote for the Party for women" - Free Green Collective leader

The leader of the Free Green Collective has called on Utanian women to support
themselves by voting for the FGC in the upcoming "interim election", pointing
out that the FGC is the only party with a female leader.

Dawn K'njosa, cousin to the Kanharan King, and leader of one of only three
significant parties that failed to gain seats in the September 300 election,
the Free Green Collective, or "Greens", has called on women voters to vote for
her party to promote the needs of women in the country.

Despite gaining almost a quarter-million votes in the previous election, the
Greens failed to gain a seat anywhere in the country, or even get close. (The
only other parties in that predicament were the Utanian Nationalists who won
almost 677,000 votes, and the Liberal Party, over 310,000 votes, yet neither
were able to win a seat in the Parliament.)

Leader, Dawn K'njosa, is hoping to reverse their bad fortune by appealing to
women voters who have been poorly represented in the Parliament, she says.
There was only seven women of 140 MPs in the preceeding Parliament, a ratio
unlikely to be much improved by this election. Ms. K'njosa claims the Greens
would mandate that "at least" a third of seats in the Parliament should be
reserved for women, who "represent the needs of communities and children, the
unrepresented in our government".

Ms. K'njosa claims the 5% ratio of women in Parliament "demonstrates a
demeaning of women and must be improved by all the major parties - or are we
simply misogynists?"

All Green supporters are invited to register their support for the Party at the
following web site, where one might also vote for the other parties as well...

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