Luka Herald
Tuesday, June 26th, 301 AP.

Editorial Column:
The People deserve to know

After watching the past four weeks of politicians feeling their way in the dark
of a non-campaigning election, this newspaper comes out in full disagreement
with the policy taken by our Parliament of no campaigning.

This election will have a large impact on the future of the country, yet the
country's politicians apparently have agreed to not allow informed debate on
the issues of this time. Their justification? The people have already spoken,
they elected the current government and they should do so again because this
isn't really a proper election in which governments get thrown out. At least
that's the government line.

The Opposition agreed to these stringent conditions because they simply wanted
a litmus test on government, which they believe will unreservedly throw Prime
Minister Barth from office. In addition, they don't have the money to support
yet another campaign with the myriad TV advertisements required. So, even
they've agreed to hold back the normal pre-election debate from the people.

These men and women are effectively withholding democracy from us. They are
telling us to vote completely in the dark, uninformed, without the necessary
information to make an informed choice as to which parties will present our
voice most effectively. Democracy is abut informed choice, about making a
decision of who is to be in government based on an understanding of what that
party has done and what it will do if elected.

The people deserve to know the truth, and we all deserve to know who we are
voting for. Otherwise, we might as well do as the UNVCOCN believed we would:
turf out democracy in favour of unelected dictators.

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