UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: June 26, 301 AP.

Cooperatives will end taxation - opposition

The President's cooperatives law will effectively leave companies the only
people paying tax under the President's proposed "Cooperatives Law" unveiled
last night.

The opposition leader, Thomas Kemp, said that if the so-called "Cooperatives
Law" was introduced by President OKarvits, he foresaw all people pooling their
income and avoiding paying tax altogether, leaving only the wealthy and
companies paying taxes, a system that will destroy economic growth and end
Utania's chances at being an economicly viable nation.

He warned that it was "entirely discriminatory" against high earners, "those
very people who are providing the employment for the masses of the nation", but
that they would soon find ways of avoiding tax through the cooperative law. He
said it was "a fools paradise" promised by President Okarvits.

The legislation, unveiled at an exclusive government parties dinner last night,
allows groups of twelve or more adults to pool their respective incomes, and
accordingly only be paid an equal share, but then only pay the taxes on the
average amount the pool earns per person. The President called it
"revolutionary" and claimed it was "the only piece of legislation of its kind
in all Vexillium".

The opposition unkindly countered that "this should tell the people of Utania
something". The opposition also criticised the fact that it discriminated
against families who could not qualify under such a scheme and would pay
"unnecessarily high" taxes as a result.

In addition, they criticised the timing of the announcement as "purely
political" given the election within two weeks that "no one" is supposed to be
campaigning for.

Former-President-now-Governor Hope refused to comment on the proposal by
President Okarvits saying "I have to read it to comment on it". Such tacit
support for Mr Okarvits, that is, being prepared to read the detail before
judging the legislation, is actually a slight on Mr Kemp's attempt to win
government. Should Mr Kemp win the election and become Prime Minister, Mr
Hope's Presidential reelection dreams would be fully ended.

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