UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: July 3rd, 301 AP.

Utania will be "significantly greener" under a PPP-USP re-elected

President Okarvits told a radio audience in Luka that if his Peoples-Utani
Saedaj government is reelected, his administration would become "significantly

Triple-J FM radio station, which specialises in a more youthful audience in
Luka, invited the President to co-host an hour of broadcast to explain the
direction of his government and the first year of independence.

At one stage, the President pointed out that he had the support of the Peoples-
Utani Saedaj parties when he put forward the Ujam-Yoamith National Park Act,
which created nine million acres of national park between three states. He said
that under a Conservative-lead Parliament he would not have had the support,
and "logging would have continued until the entire jungle was gone". He politely
declined an opportunity to "sink the boot" into the opposition during an
election campaign, but did emphasise that the current government was "committed
to a greener Utania than their opponents".

A guest in the studio, from the group Peacegreen, pressed for more -- would the
President do more? President Okarvits said that his administration would make
Utania "significantly greener" than it was, promising to reverse the Guwimith
regime's policy of environmental vandalism, and offered the blocking of the two
new coal-fired power stations in Lasanne state as evidence of his commitment.

"I want to appoint an environmental deputy, someone with the same authority as
the Treasurer to vet projects in other ministries and to develop a significant
strategy toward reducing the environmental damage", the President said. "This
administration is committed to developing the country in a certain direction, a
'greener' direction, because I am **fundementally** committed to ensuring that
Utania is here in another hundred and fifty generations." Utani often refer to
the fact that they have been in existance for 150 generations, or 3,000 years.

Wasn't this just electioneering talk?

"Absolutely not! I want to be clear here -- I have been careful enough to
refrain in this non-election from electioneering, but I do want to make sure
that your listening audience understands that this administration is, and always
has been, committed to an environmental cause."

Pressed for why he had failed to yield great results in his first nine months
of office, the President explained that "government is about framework first".

"You must have a framework in which to operate, an understanding of what the
country has, what it needs, and what will provide those needs. You need govern-
ment departments that can take over the role of the various state government
entities, and you need the framework in which to operate. Just as we needed the
Constitution in order to provide elections and a Parliamentary and legislative
framework. We don't have all these things in place, and establishing everything
has been difficult and time-consuming. But, we're getting there."

The President was also asked to describe his administration with a single word
or phrase. After some thought, he decided upon "inclusive", then explained.

"It is the objective of all parties, I believe, to advance the nation, and to
provide a suitable income level for the poor. I don't believe the Conservative
MPs are sitting in their offices conspiring to keep the majority of Utanians
poor", he joked. "However, politics is all about how you get there.

"The opposition believe that it is through the 'marketplace' that the country
will get wealthier, because a company getting richer means better wages, means
better conditions for the workers, or so the story goes. They would propose, I
believe, that the government should stay out of the marketplace, let it run its
course, and it will all sort itself out in the end.

"For my money, I cannot wait that long, nor can I simply assume that the rich
will pass on the benefits of the marketplace to the majority. I believe the
market is efficient, but it is not fair, and it is the role of government to
provide a framework for fairness. I believe that if we make millions of pund
overseas in car exports or fruit and wheat exports, that ALL Utanians should
benefit, and one way is to maintain control over the flow of money in and out
of the country, the other is through our part-ownership of many of the largest
companies in the country.

"We are the Peoples Party -- a government for the people, all forty seven
million of us, BY the People." The President joked that this latter statement
sounded quite quotable and that someone should write it down. No one knew why,
but it sounded familiar.

To criticisms that the President was electioneering by accepting the broadcast
invitation, the radio station was clear to point out that the arrangements were
made back in April, long before the interim election was called.

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