UPA (Utanian Press Agency)
Release: July 4, 301 AP.

Republicans promise to overrule Nystonian state

The Republican party in Nystonia has promised to "overrule" the state's "more
ridiculous" laws, specifically mentioning the censorship of the country's #1

Republican candidates in this weekend's interim election say they will repeal
numerous state laws using federal government powers, and specifically pointed
to the "ridiculous" double-censorship of music, film and literature for the
Nystonian market which has made several items unavailable in Nystonia.

The CD album by Westrian band Cedar Hill, whose single "Rock Superstar" is
currently the #1 single in Utania, had already passed Utanian federal censors
with some modifications, namely the removal of profanity from two tracks.
However, the single and several more tracks from the album ran afoul of the
Nystonian state censors, whom the Westrian record label did not consult. The
state censors, positions created by the state's "moralist" Cruistian-Democrat
Governor, Edward Cryer, said that further modifications were required, but the
company refused. This effectively banned sales of the CD in Nystonia state,
forcing eager teens and lovers of the rap-rock fusion musical style to purchase
in Lasanne state. Border towns are making a brisk trade with the CD.

The Republicans, supported by the Burovians, say they will repeal the "double-
censorship" law through the federal parliament, which can overrule state
parliaments and Governors. While this tough stand against the recently
reelected "moralist" Governor attracted the support of teen and youth voters
and groups, mostly in the major cities, it attracted the ire of many other
voters who, while Republican voters, are supportive of the Governor's tough
stance on many issues.

"This will certainly make me rethink my support for (Vela Luka Republican MP,
Geoffrey) Parris if he supports lewd and objectionable music and films" said a
factory worker from the city's working class West Heights suburb. Mr Parris won
the seat by only 9,000 votes and has been far more careful with his choice of
topics to campaign on, such as worker's rights and safety laws.

The Governor has told reporters he believes his Cruistian Democrat Party will
win both of the seats added to Nystonia state by the redistribution that
necessitated this election, and says the Republican campaign "only further
guarantees this".

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