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[UEC seal] [Embassy seal] Utanian Electoral Commission announcement

To:   All Utanian citizens residing outside Utania

From: The Utanian Electoral Commission.

July 5, 301 AP.

Utanians - it is compulsory to vote

Please remember, this Saturday is a federal election for the United Democratic
Republic of Utania. It is compulsory for all citizens of Utania between the
ages of 18 and 64 inclusive to vote in federal elections.

If you are registered with an Utanian embassy, you should have received this
notice some weeks ago, along with postal vote papers. These should be sent by
Saturday afternoon.

You can otherwise vote in all Utanian Embassy offices, and some provision has
been made for voting to be held in most major cities in nations with Embassies.
Contact your nearest embassy for details. The address and phone number of your
nearest embassy is below.

[Insert embassy address here]
[Insert embassy telephone number here]

These contact telephone numbers will be staffed from 6am to 9pm, local time for
the Embassy and we strongly urge you, if you have not sent a post ballot, or
are unable to reach an embassy in time, then contact your embassy immediately
so that we can despatch postal voting papers to you immediately, or note your
absense from the ballot.

Failure to vote or provide your UEC embassy official with reasonable excuse may
result in fines of Û50.

A party policy map is provided at:

Peace be with you.

Prime Minister Eric Barth,
Utan Krysaror.

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